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Simple, Streamlined process to make it lighter for me ->

Learn HOW outsourcing works, HOW we onboard clients and HOW does your day to day working with us looks like.

outsourcing process

No Frills Outsourcing Process

With unprecedented technological advances, working remotely with Outsourcing partners has never been easier. It is increasingly easy to share data and work on it securely offshore. 

Outsourcing is a major beneficiary of this advancement, transforming client delivery, making it convenient, transparent, secure and much more efficient. 

Upload Docs



Task Closed


Daily Report

Upload Docs   upload files you want to share via secure FTP or Remote access server using VPN. Or we can also use cloud based Dropbox/Gdrive or secure email, as suitable.

Process Docs   our team works on the files shared using your designated software & as per your SOP. Software access can be Remote server based e.g. Quickbooks Desktop / Enterprise or Web based like Quickbooks Online, NetSuite, Intacct, Xero. All connections to remote server are made using secure VPN for end-to-end encryption to ensure maximum security and privacy of the data.

Review   all the files processed are extensively reviewed for quality checks by a supervisors before you use the data.

Daily Report   get daily reports along with any queries for all task completed each day, enabling you to review the current status of the tasks allocated to our team.

Resolve Query   resolve the requested queries as suitable, directly using your designated software, email responses, messaging apps or schedule a call with our team to complete the same.

Task Closed   resolving all the queries, the task is marked as completed. Repeat the same process for all tasks allocated for our team to perform.

Omboarding process

Start building your PROsource Team

Learn HOW you can Outsource with us, HOW we onboard clients and HOW the trial leads to an ongoing engagement.






  1. Explore this website to get answers to most of your common questions. WHAT, HOW, WHY? Also, explore the FAQs page for further queries. We have covered most of the information here needed to make a decision.

  2. If you have more questions, we would be more than happy to schedule a Discovery Call with you.

  3. Satisfied with all your queries answered, next step is to Sign up for the no obligation FREE TRIAL.

Review & Sign Agreement

  1. Once we receive the Free Trial form, we would send you an e-Agreement which highlights the important terms of our Free Trial and also engagement post Trial. The Agreement covers terms for the Free Trial, general working, confidentiality NDA, Non-circumvent and other conditions.

  2. Review and e-Sign the document to get started. You can always be in touch anytime for any queries before signing. 

Team Assigned, Dedicated POC

  1. As a next step, we would introduce the PROsource Team who would be at your service all the time.

  2. The team assigned would consist of a Manager and a Dedicated Point of Contact (POC) for all day to day communications. 

Onboarding Process

  1. The onboarding process would start with an Introductory call setup with your assigned Team.

  2. IT setup is usually the first set. The onboarding team would understand your current IT set up for remote working and would suggest any changes, if required, to make sure they can conveniently access files and securely process them.

  3. Training comes next to understand the role and responsibilities to be handled. During the training phase, the team Manager would be actively involved in the calls to understand the current SOP followed by your company, suggest any improvements and train the team to ensure successful transition.

  4.  Ongoing review and feedback would ensure the team performs to your satisfaction and integrates seamlessly with your organizations operations. 

End of Trial & Ongoing Engagement

  1. The Free Trial Ends when the team completes 20 hours or 15 days, whichever comes earlier. Either way, you would have gained a meaningful experience with the team, our culture, processes and most important, knowledge and efficiency.

  2. Once confirmed to use our services, as a part of our ongoing engagement we would completely migrate and take over the day to day process, reliving you of the daily chores.  


“PRUDENT team was really helpful when we scaled from 30-40 clients, managing all tasks on their own despite much guidance from us”

—  Jud  — 
Accounting firm

Lets work together to transform your business

Need more information? Explore WHY PRUDENT.

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