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Still in the dilema to go
<- EAST or WEST ->

Learn WHY you should Outsource and chose PRUDENT for this journey to progress and succeed.

Why outsource
Office Building

PROsource vs In-house

PRUDENT is a niche North American professional outsourcing company, as we call it 'PROsource'. Outsourcing is the new normal for the service industry in North America and major developed countries.

All major financial institutions, banks, Accounting firms, Fortune 500 businesses have offshore outsourcing facilities or partners. The trend continues now with Small and Mid size businesses & Accounting firms too.

Outsourcing helps a business to streamline, improvise, scale with an aim to improve client delivery. What drives this decision for clients?

Few of the hurdles Outsourcing overcomes for you, and much more...

Hiring Bottlenecks

Hiring is a long & repetitive process involving  a recruitment consultant, screening resumes, conducting tests, interviews, onboarding, training and other allied activities.

Scale Operations

Opportunities or downturn are not foreseeable. Scaling up and down is an obstacle many businesses fail to address on time impacting their growth.


Limited resource pool to choose from, low productivity are other major concerns. On top of that retaining talent is added challenge for small and mid size businesses. 


Profitability for small and mid size business remains under pressure due to higher costs including payroll, recruitment, office, staff welfare, paid holidays, equipment ++ 


Employees are increasingly instable with gen-x wanting to explore more and highly demanding on the job. This leads to continuous hiring process for many businesses to fill the gaps. 

Client Delivery

Outsourcing prima face eliminates the hurdles for its clients, so they can be focused on the client delivery and more importantly their core business.

Why prudent

Clients choose PRUDENT for a reason

We aim to provide holistic Outsourcing solutions for our clients by hiring, training and deploying staff for them. Our professionals are trained to leverage application of leading cloud and desktop based technologies like Quickbooks, Xero, SAGE, Netsuite, Ultra Tax, Drake, etc.

We bring in experience of over a decade with combined experience and knowledge of managerial team over several years. ​

Outsourcing with us, our team of qualified accounting professionals reduce your daily chores with an aim to help you renew your focus on core business needs in a highly competitive business scenario.


Attributes that work for our clients 

Achieving exceptional service standards, impeccable quality, quick turnaround with enhanced flexibility are just a few attributes that drive our clients.

Flexible Solution

Hire a part or full time resource, No lock-in contracts, Scale Up or down with ease.

Fixed Pricing

Fixed Monthly pricing and commitments to make sure there are no surprises.

Quality Standards

CPA managed processes, rigorous hiring practices, SLAs, committed turnaround and SOPs.

Customized Services

Resources work according to your SOP, drafted as per your business needs.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Single point of contact for day to day communication, query resolutions and service

Team Work 

Team set up with experts working for each task, trained back ups for ongoing support, task reviews

FREE Trial

Check compatibility of our services with your business, review efficiency, internal processes.

Security & Confidentiality

Datacenters complying SOC, ISO, HIPAA, GDPR standards. NDA contracts, CCTV monitoring, Access control

hiring process

Rigourous Hiring processes

Hiring processes can be long, tasking and expensive. We take the pain of the daunting process, so you can be at ease.

PROsource uses a minimum 10+ step process to hire the right candidates taking into consideration knowledge, skills, aptitude, efficiency, communication and enhanced security needed for Outsourcing.




Conduct Tests

Final Interview

Training Staff

Onboard Staff

Security Checks

Source Docs

Selection & Offer


“PRUDENT team was really helpful when we scaled from 30-40 clients, managing all tasks on their own despite much guidance from us”

—  Jud  — 
Accounting firm

Lets work together to transform your business

Need more information? Learn more About us.

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