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  • Where are you located?
    We are a boutique Outsourcing firm providing Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax services. We are a North American firm based out of Ontario in Canada. However, our operations center is located at Ahmedabad in India.
  • What is your staff strength and experience?
    Over the past 7 years of our operations, we have grown to be a team of 70+ Bookkeepers. On an average each Bookkeeper possess 3+ years of experience using Quickbooks, Xero, NETSUITE, SAGE and other prominent Bookkeeping softwares.
  • What softwares and apps can your team handle?
    Our team can handle various accounting packages including Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, SAGE, Zoho, Freshbooks, MYOB, and many other different softwares. Working on different softwares in not a problem with our team, as they can train themselves with numerous online training material available. We can also work on Custom Accounting softwares built for specific businesses with some initial guidance and training. We also work with various 3rd party apps which can integrate with your accounting packages. Check some of the numerous apps we work with below. Doc Management - Receipt Bank, Hubdoc, LedgerDocs AR/AP -, Plooto, Expensify Payroll US - Gusto, ADP, PayChex, Quickbooks Canada - WagePoint, PayWorks, CanPay Real Estate - Buildium, BuilderTrend, AppFolio
  • What type of clients do you serve?
    We work with multiple Business & Accounting firms across US and Canada having turnover of $1-50m+ and up to 5-500+ employees. We also serve various Accounting (CPA) / Bookkeeping firms located in these countries as an offshore back office partner. Industry wise we cover a very wide variety of businesses including: Retail, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Doctors / Medical / Pharma, Cannabis, Food & Beverages, Real Estate, Contractors, Property Managers and so on.
  • How do i make sure PRUDENT is the right choice for me?
    Testimonials - To ensure PRUDENT’s credibility you can check few of our Testimonials provided by our current and past clients. FREE TRIAL - Avail a 20 Hours FREE TRIAL with us to understand our processes flow and check our efficiency before hiring us. No credit card/payment source required. References - You can also be in touch with us and request references, if required.
  • What type of services do you provide for Accounting?
    Description of services we can cover for Accounting is as below. Additionally we can also help with Management Accounting, Reviews & Compilations, Tax Returns. Bookkeeping -Setting up Bookkeeping/Accounting system and maintaining Bookkeeping/Accounting processes according to any standard operating procedures (SOP) provided by the client. -Regular follow up and collection of data required for Bookkeeping. -Reconciliation of all bank accounts, credit cards, cash books, etc. -Finalization as and when required for tax purposes. Co-ordination with CA/CPA for queries and finalization. -Preparation of regular ‘Management Reports’ e.g. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Aged Payables, Aged Receivables report, etc from time to time. -Preparing other customized reports as and when required. Payroll -Set up new employees in payroll software. -Scheduled pay runs as required for all employees. -Issuance of pay slips. -Assist clients in time sheets and leave management for their employees. -Manage expense claims for employees. Taxes -Preparing and filing monthly, quarterly or annual government dues e.g. GST, VAT, Sales tax. -Annual Tax Returns - 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, T1, T2, etc. Accounts Receivable (AR) -Creating and sending out invoices at client’s desired schedule. -Chasing for payments by sending reminders. -Preparation and sending ‘Ageing Receivable Reports’ from time to time as per SOP and client requirements. Accounts Payable (AP) -Setting up payment system to pay the creditors. -Reconciliation and payment to creditors on time after client approval. -Preparation and sending ‘Ageing Payable Reports’ from time to time as per SOP and client requirements. Miscellaneous -Strictly follow SOP guidelines for all work to be undertaken. -Any miscellaneous tasks as mutually agreed and assigned by the client from time to time.
  • What type of tax work can PRUDENT perform?
    PRUDENT can prepare various type of tax returns and government compliances. Some of those are listed below. FREQUENT (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual) Sales Tax, GST / HST YEAR END Corporate US – 1040, 1065, 1120, 1120S Softwares - Drake, ProConnect, TurboTax, TaxAct, etc Canada – T1, T2 Softwares - TaxPrep, Turbotax, Profile, etc Note: Tax services are not included in regular Pricing Plans available with PRUDENT. Contact us to get a quote.
  • What is the process you follow for Bookkeeping, AR and AP?
    We follow a simple streamlined process for regular day to day Bookkeeping, AR and AP tasks. 1] Bookkeeping Process 2] Accounts Receivable Process 3] Accounts Payables Process
  • Will you follow your own set processes or work according to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?
    Though we have our own guidelines to make sure we work efficiently, each client is unique and have their own processes already in place or they love doing it a set way. Our Bookkeepers would work according your process (SOP) or if the process is not developed, they would help you develop an efficient process for Bookkeeping, AR, AP and payroll.
  • Will the Bookkeeper assigned to us work exclusively for us?
    We work in team structures and we will assign a dedicated single Point of Contact (POC) to address all your needs. The POC is usually a Team Leader and there could be other members working under him/her. However, the POC is the only person you have to be in contact with for any calls/emails or any issues you are facing.
  • Can the Bookkeeper communicate directly with my clients/vendors?
    Certainly, our Bookkeepers can communicate with your clients, vendors, staff, etc if you want them to. For the same purpose they would be using your official email and representing you/your company at all times.
  • What are the work timings of your Bookkeepers?
    Due to the time difference between North America and our Indian operations center, working hours of our Bookkeepers are flexible during the day. However, they would be available till 2pm EST (11am PST) on weekdays for any communication (emails or calls) with you. We try to respond promptly, however due to the time difference, least any emails, skype message, voice mails or any other form of communication would usually be responded in 1 business day as a standard.
  • How many hours the Bookkeeper would work on a given day?
    We try to provide our clients approximately 2-8 hours as per Pricing Plan selection on a working day. The hours worked on a working day could be higher or lower on the basis of the work load allocated by the client and availability of our resources. However, if enough workload is available from the client on regular basis, we would provide the minimum guaranteed hours as per Pricing Plan selection to our clients by the end of each month in all conditions. The responsibility to provide enough workload to our Bookkeepers to reach the minimum guaranteed hours would be on our client.
  • How do i check if your bookkeeper is working?
    Our team would send out Daily Reports to you outlining the tasks completed each day. You can also request timesheets from the team anytime you want. Internally all time worked by our Bookkeepers is tracked using a standard time tracking software. In case of any disputes we can always refer to the internal time tracker and report to you.
  • What is the average turnaround time for any work allocated?
    The average turnaround time for any work allocated to our Bookkeepers is 1-2 business days depending on Pricing Plan selection. However, the client should keep in mind average work hours available daily on the basis of its chosen pricing plan for any possible turnaround times fluctuations. Also, priorities should be notified to the POC to manage turnaround time well and to avoid any disappointments.
  • Can the Bookkeepers be available for a call after 2pm EST?
    Due to the time difference between our client location and our Indian operations center, it is usually difficult to schedule a call post 2pm EST. However, some Bookkeepers/POC can accommodate such requests. You can be in touch with the Bookkeeper/POC assigned if they can accommodate your request. Please note that such requests cannot be guaranteed.
  • Are all your bookkeepers certified?
    Most of our Bookkeepers are Quickbooks or Xero certified. However, some of the new team members might not be certified. As a standard all new team members get Quickbooks or Xero certified within 2 months of joining us. Even if the Bookkeeper is not certified yet, on an average each Bookkeeper possess 3+ years of experience using Quickbooks, Xero, SAGE and other prominent Bookkeeping softwares.
  • Can your Bookkeepers speak Spanish or French and work with documents in those language?
    At the moment, we can only work with clients whose primary language is English. Also, we cannot work with documents in language other than English.
  • Can i change the Bookkeeper?
    Sure, if you are not satisfied with our Bookkeeper/POC, you can always request to replace the assigned Bookkeeper/POC. We have a talent pool of 70+ Bookkeepers and we are adding more Bookkeepers every day.
  • What are the current Pricing Plans available?
    You can hire our Bookkeepers on Part-time or Full-time basis. The pricing depends on the type of work duties you want the Bookkeeper to handle. Pricing plans start as low as $11/hour. Contact us for a quote.
  • Can i change the Pricing Plan? Upgrade or Downgrade ?
    Certainly, you can change (upgrade/downgrade) the pricing plan whenever you want. There is a 30 days advance notice required which would allow us to plan our staff resource allocation for any addition or reduction in work duties. For any Pricing Plan upgrade requests, usually we can accommodate faster at times, as we keep additional resources available for any client urgency. However, for Pricing Plan downgrades, 30 days notice is applicable, as we cannot keep our resources idle, since all our staff members have fixed monthly pay structure.
  • When will i be invoiced?
    We issue bi-monthly invoices for all our clients. The invoices are usually issued on 1st and 16th of each month.
  • How can i pay for your services?
    Payments would be set up using a Pre Authorized Debit agreement (PAD). PAD would be set up when 1st invoice is issued for payment. Payments can be set up via bank transfer or credit card, as suitable.
  • What if i require the Bookkeeper allocated to work more hours than the Pricing Plan i have selected?
    All hours worked above the Pricing Plan limit during a month would be billed as Overtime. The overtime rate would be mentioned in the contract. It is usually 15-20% above the hourly rate in your pricing plan to compensate for the overtime.
  • What if your Bookkeeper goes on leave?
    For short leaves up to 2-5 days, our Bookkeepers would usually try to cover your work volume and monthly required hours during the rest of the month. However, PRUDENT would try to arrange back up resources whenever required to ensure work is not hampered for our clients. In a situation when our Bookkeeper goes on a long leave (above 5 days) or unexpected termination of work contract with us, PRUDENT would provide deduction for such absence in the subsequent invoice raised, on pro rata basis. PRUDENT would notify our clients well in advance in such situations whenever possible.
  • What is the duration of the FREE TRIAL?
    FREE Trial is for 15 days up to 20 hours maximum time. The TRIAL would end, if allocated TRIAL hours are exhausted or at the end of 15 days, whichever is earlier. We the initial onboarding / IT set up process is delayed, we can extend the Trial period on request.
  • Do I need to Pay for the FREE TRIAL?
    We call our TRIAL – RISK FREE since we do not require any credit card / payment source to start the TRIAL with us. Also, if you do not like our services during the TRIAL, you are free to cancel the service anytime during the TRIAL without any notice and obligation. However, if you like our services and wish to continue with us post completion of the FREE TRIAL, the 20 hours Trial time is billed.
  • Will there be a notice on completion of the TRIAL?
    Yes, we would be sending you a TRIAL completion notice and seeking your permission to continue using our services.
  • Why do i need to sign a contract to start the FREE TRIAL?
    A contract is needed as it outlines various terms and conditions for the TRIAL, services covered, confidentiality (NDA), work processes, etc and also to smoothly continue using our services post Trial.
  • How do I SIGN UP for your services?
    Use this link to fill up a form to get started.
  • What is the Process once we sign up for your services?
    We follow a very simple and streamlined process for our clients to get started with us. Once you fill up the Trial request form, next steps are as below.
  • What steps does PRUDENT take to secure data for its clients?
    Security of sensitive client information is our top priority to maintain integrity. Some of the process we follow are as below. NDA / Non-Circumvent Contracts - 2 ways both with Clients and Staff Secure servers and File transfers via VPN, firewalls Registered in North America to ensure we comply with American Laws. CCTV, bio-metric access at our offshore facility Background checks for all staff members Secure Password Management
  • What is Outsourcing?
    In short, Outsourcing means using a third party to handle a business process like bookkeeping, payroll, data entry, AR, AP, essentially any office-based business tasks.
  • WHY OUTSOURCE as compared to hiring IN-HOUSE staff?
    Apart from Cost Savings and Improving Efficiency, Outsourcing can help a small and mid sized business & Accounting firms in numerous other ways too. Save Cost up to 60% Average Bookkeeper salary $55000 with 1-3 years experience (source: PayScale, No investment in office space or equipment No paid time offs Save on Recruitment costs Recruitment Hassles No need to hire recruitment agency or post ads Always Backed Up - Work never stops when a Bookkeeper goes on leave Never Hire Again - Get Replacement Bookkeeper instantly if a Bookkeeper leaves Improve Efficiency and Quality Qualified Bookkeepers with 3-5+ years experience Dedicated point of contact Operations managed by CPAs Combined experience of a team Work is supervised
  • What is the process to terminate the contract with PRUDENT?
    You can send a simple cancellation request on from your official domain registered email or any email listed in the contract for official communication. You can also send the cancellation request to the POC assigned to you.
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